• New Cutting Force Modeling Approach for Flat End Mill
    Nov 21 , 2019
    A new mechanistic cutting force model for flat end mill using the instantaneous cutting force coefficients is proposed. An in-depth analysis shows that the total cutting forces can be separated into two terms: a nominal component independent of the runout and a perturbation component induced by the runout. The instantaneous value of the nominal component is used to calibrate the cutting force coef...
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  • CNC cutting tools ---OBT
    Nov 12 , 2019
    Our company product cutting tools which come in a range of size , materials, and geometry types. There are up-cut, down-cut, compression cut end mills with varying numbers of flutes. End mills are intended to cut horizontally. More details pls kindly contact us ,thanks
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  • we are willing to establish a long term business relationship with all customers
    Oct 29 , 2019
    We have our own factory and warehouse,so we can ship after payment in the first time.In addition,we can give customers the best price based on equal conditions in China. Nothing excites us more than being able to deliver you with another great initiative; nothing is more important to us than earning your future business, built on our past success. Both old and new friends are welcomed to visit, co...
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  • End mill's optimization design
    Oct 26 , 2019
    In satisfies the end mill intensity under the condition, as well as reduces after the full display material bearing capacity and the cutting tool escape of chips performance the tool face attrition is the goal, the selection front rake, the clearance angle and the angle of spiral is the design variable, the construction optimization model, determined that the most superior end mill geometric param...
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  • High Performance carbide end mills
    Oct 15 , 2019
    Carbide End Mills AlTiN Coated for General Use on materials up to 45HRC, End Milling Cutters with Geometry for Stainless, Titanium, Hi-temp Alloys and use on materials up to 55HRC, High Performance End Mills AlTiN Coated for use on Mould Tool and Die Steel up to 55HRC, High Hardness High Speed AlTiNS Coated End Mills for Materials up to 65-68HRC, Diamond Coated End Mills for Graphite, Finishing an...
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  • Supply Good quality carbide end mills
    Oct 15 , 2019
    Zhuzhou OBT Carbide Tools Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer who product carbide end mills, twist drills, spot drills, reamers and so on. We have imported CNC grinder machines to enhance the carbide tools' quality , zoller machines to inspect each end mills ,drills, and other tools . Our customers make a good feedback to our carbide tools, they have placed regular orders each month , so the stable ...
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  • What is Carbide End Mill
    Oct 09 , 2019
    In order to help you know more about End Mills,we summarized its relevant information. Zhuzhou OBT Carbide Tools offers both standard and specifically designed end mills. End Mills are a fluted round cutting tool used in milling. They come in a variety of forms with geometry that varies by application and material. End mills are used in Profiling, Slotting, Plunging and Contouring. Zhuzhou OBT Car...
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